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We are happy to welcome sellers from all over Bangladesh
to list their products with us and increase their sales.

Before you register

Decide what you want to sell

A variety of categories related to Computers, Electronics, and Sports are available for all sellers.

Prepare your details

  • Your store name that will be shown to the buyers
  • Your business legal name and physical address
  • Your bank account details where to deposit your payments
  • Valid documents (Trade License, National ID, and VAT Registration)

Register and start listing

Create your FeniSaleCenter Seller account, get approved (usually in 3-5 days), and start selling!

After you register

List your products

Start listing your products on your FeniSaleCenter Seller account. You can either list one product at a time, or upload a list of products, and get them listed all at once!

Sell your products

Once your products are listed, you will start receiving orders from customers. You will be able to manage all the orders from the FeniSaleCenter Seller Dashboard. Also, you will receive an email notification for each sale.

Prepare for shipment

Once you receive an order, Accept order and prepare for shipment, once you shipped by courier make order status shipped and place tracking id or logistic invoice number.

Get Paid

FeniSaleCenter will do bank transfers to your bank account at regular intervals and will notify you that your payment has been sent.

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