Warranty Policy

About the Warranty Policy

  1. Feni sale center warranty policy helps you stay covered in case of defects in material, design and workmanship after purchase of the product. On selected products and in instances, six (06) or a twelve (12) months warranty will be provided for the eligible items purchased for all the buyers within Bangladesh.
  2. The warranty of the item begins from the product delivery date.
  3. The address provided during the Warranty claim request will be registered as the pick up and delivery address for the claimed item. This cannot be modified.
  4. Warranty repairs will be carried out by our authorized service centers
  5. The original invoice is required to verify the serial number and validate the warranty period to benefit from the warranty services.
  6. The warranty repair period is twenty-one (21) working days for the units covered under the warranty from the date of picking up the product from the customer until dispatched. For some states, it will take us 7 additional working days to provide the warranty
  7. Not all products are covered by the warranty, always check the product listing to know if it includes warranty benefits.
  8. Repair or replacement under the terms of this warranty does not provide the right to an extension or renewal of the warranty period. Warranty terms do not cover water damage & oxidation.
  9. If your item can’t be repaired but is still under the warranty, we will issue a replacement or, if a replacement isn’t available, you will be refunded in full.
  10. To avail of warranty services, if a defect occurs in your product within the valid warranty period, you can raise the request through your feni sale center account. Feni sale center warranty team shall contact you within 24 hours for claim validation and troubleshooting followed by pictures of the product from all angles along with IMEI/Serial number.
  11. The customer shall ensure that the item is packed in its original box or wrapped safely to avoid any damage during transit. If the packaging is not done safely which leads to damage, Feniwill not be responsible for the same and the claimed item will be returned to the customer without servicing.

Service Policy:

  1. Personal Data and information on devices are the responsibility of customers and customers are advised to make back-ups for their data, switch off FMI, remove lock/password prior to servicing the device.
  2. The time required to obtain device information or customer approval is not included within the Turn Around Time (TAT) of the repair process.
  3. By submitting your item for repair, you consent to us and the repairer using your contact details in this way only as required in connection with the repair service.
  4. The customer confirms that all information provided during the warranty claim is correct.
  5. It is advised that screen protectors be removed by the customer to serve the device.
  6. The warranty will not be covered under the below conditions:
  1. if a repair has been attempted by any service center not authorized by the product seller;
  2. physical damage i.e. product presenting clear signs of damage like broken screens, heavy dents, bent products, beyond the condition in which customer bought the product, that can prevent a product from functioning properly; liquid damage i.e. any situation involving the submersion or splashing of an electronic device in any liquid/or when water indicator (if any inside the device) changes color;
  3. original software alteration or modification (e.g. “root” for Android devices or “jailbreak” for Apple devices);
  4. if there has been use of accessories other than what was provided by the seller of the product or recommended by the brand for the purchased product;
  5. if the serial number is removed from the product;
  6. for maintenance and periodic checks of purchased products;
  7. for replacement of consumables (e.g. batteries, light bulbs, fuses, headphones, printer ink etc.);
  8. where there has been abuse or misuse of the product e.g. by not using it for its intended purpose or not in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions on usage and maintenance;
  9. where there has been damage of a product’s battery caused by overcharging, or where charged by chargers other than those approved by manufacturer or provided by the seller with the product; and
  10. if any of the seals on the battery enclosure or cells are broken or show evidence of tampering.

How do we serve the warranty?

  1. You do not to have to worry about visiting any service center for your warranty claims. Sit and relax while we pick your device, get it fixed and bring it back to you.
  2. Please ensure proper packaging of the device to avoid any damage. In case of damage in transit from customer premise to us due to poor packaging, we will not be able to help.
  3. We need the accessories to be able to check and fix your device. Please send across the complete set of accessories when you send your device for warranty.

You may contact us through email support@fenisalecenter.com

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